Welcome to 2018, let’s play a Truth or Dare couple game!

Having the idea of a truth or dare game adapted for couples was awesome. Creating the dares and ordering them in categories was cool. This allows players to start the night with a few simple questions, and some dares that help each other focus on their significant other. Once focused, they can then get in the mood with the Hot difficulty. Minutes later, some clothes are off and couples can then go to the Hard, or Extreme levels. No more foreplay, that’s the real stuff!

A Truth or Dare app designed for the couples

But our Couple Game just upgraded one step further, in 2018. We do not just provide a great truth or dare couple game. Now, we also provide an app that gets you in the mood as soon as you start using it. How?

Thanks to an amazing team work, and the limitless creativity of Laura, our designer, we were able to update our design to fit the couples needs. We kept the idea of the circles with the names of each player on it, rotating around the “Go” button, but now, they end their rotation one on top of the other, probably like how you two ended up that night you used the app 😏

We can also talk about the smooth animations of the waves, or focus on the colours that fits the difficulty: the closer you get to the extreme dares, the darker are the shades of red.


The perfect Valentine’s gift for 2019

We added a special Valentine’s day pack of dares and questions this year. Missed it? Download the app and spend your 2019 Valentine’s day playing truth or dare, the dirty way 😉

Download our Couple Game, give it a try, you will like it.

Using a phone to have sex may seem silly in the first place, but once you try this couple game app, you will realise you had missing something! Discover your partner’s secrets, learn how to pleasure each other in ways you would never have thought about before by downloading our Couple Game for Android (link) and iOS (link) by clicking on the images below.

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