Last February, we promised you a new version of Couple Game would come… drumroll… Here it is!

Enjoy this new Couple Game to turn up the heat during your long summer nights ♥️

What will you find in this update ? As usual, we put lots of love in it, but not only. Here’s what you will discover in this brand new version of Couple Game:

1- Loads of new dares:

We know you’ve been asking for new content for quite some time now. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got the job done. We reviewed ALL the dares in the Couple Game app 👏🏻

Yes, this calls for an auto-applause. There are more than 1,000 truths and dares in the app, so with 3 people working on it, this is an average of 333,33333 dares per person.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the work we’ve done, you’ll find everything you want in this article. In a nutshell, we’ve created new content of course, but we also rewrote a lot of the dares. We wanted to offer well-written, more daring and creative dares, so that you can explore all your desires.

Please, do not hesitate to give us your feedback on these new truths and dares. We really are looking forward to knowing what you think. And most importantly, we hope you like this new version! If so, tell us you want more of this new content. We still have lots of ideas in store 😉


2- The new game design now (finally) available on iOS

We said we would do it, the new visual had to be also available for Apple users. It took some time, but you are now going to be able to discover this new design. We hope you enjoy it as much as Android users did 😉 No pressure…

Here is a quick recap of what changes with the new design : the visuals are even sexier, with colored backgrounds, that change according to the chosen level. Now, you can unravel all of Couple Game’s shades… even the darkest 😈

3- An upgraded dare editor

We know you like to create your own content in the app and we are aware that the functionality was not very user-friendly. So, we took advantage of this update to pimp it up, make it simple and more reliable. The process to create your own dares is now much easier. Those who know our Truth or Dare app, will recognize the functionality.

In addition, you can now save your dares and synchronize your content on several devices. To do so, you just have to connect to Facebook in the app.

What more could you ask for?

4- Correction of bugs

Romuald and Antoine tend to get bored when they are not coding. So, they create bugs in each update of the app, so that they have the pleasure of solving them. These bugs have been scientifically developed, so that you can cool things down a little while using Couple Game. This been said, if you notice any bug, please tell us about it, so that our lovely developers can get rid off them.

We hope you enjoy this update and wish you a beautiful and sexy summer ☀

If you have any issue with the app, please contact us.