discover the new update for our couple game app

The new version of Couple Game, our sex game for couples, is available on Android and iOS! There are lots of new features like new sexy dice or a new way to create personalized dares!

Customizable sexy dice

With this new version, we are showcasing our sexy dice. We overhauled the menu to add a feature that you have been requesting for a long time: the ability to create customized dice! We call them “expert dice.” Now you can add all the sexy (or not) acts and body parts you like.

Personalized dares

Inspired by the possibilities of customization, we have made it easier and more pleasant to create personalized dares. To play exclusively with your own truths and dares, just head to the app settings.

For more privacy, you can now use Sign in with Apple or Google Sign-In in addition to Facebook to log in and save your personalized dares. It’s convenient if you lose your phone or get a new one. You can see all your dares by logging in using the same method as the one you used on your other phone. It also works across multiple devices (an iPad and an Android mobile phone, for example).

New features

This update is packed with lots of new features under the hood! We made the most of these strange times to clean up some of the code that hadn’t been revised in a while. Think of it as the equivalent of cleaning your room and repainting the walls. Why is that important, you wonder? These new foundations will help us move forward faster and offer you an app that is even more stable, which adds up to a better experience for you!

So, a lot of new features will be arriving very soon, but for the time being, it’s a secret!

New team

We recently relocated our offices to Nantes, which gave us the opportunity to add fresh faces to our team. Some of the new recruits are:

  • Gabrielle, a UX/UI designer, who is responsible for the design of our interface and creating new graphic elements
  • Karim, a developer, who brings Gabrielle’s mock-ups to life

The whole team hopes you will like this update of our couple game app! And if you do, we encourage you to welcome it to the app store with a comment and a five-star review.

Do you need to tell us about a problem? Send us a message from the app so that we can correct it quickly or just reach out via Messenger.

Have fun!