Our Couple Game app has not been significantly udpated since last summer and you might have thought that was weird, as we usually keep a tight schedule between 2 versions. Well, this time, we needed more time, as the task was greater than usual: we had to review all truths and dares in the app, in order to evaluate them and know what had to be rewritten.

We kicked off this project last summer, when we had the pleasure to meet Dr Jacques Wayneberg, reknown French sexologist. His professional approach helped understand how we could provide better content for our Couple Game, so that you can enjoy yourselves even more and experience new things with your lover.

We called on an expert because we really wanted to offer you questions and actions of a superior quality, than those you can find in other app. Also, we came across some difficulties in the app reviews that are conducted by the app stores when we submit a new version. American giants are not bug fans of explicit language, so we had to adapt.

In the end, this has been a real challenge for us, but we are happy to present a more daring content, that allows you to be more creative and to really explore all your desires. The rewriting of the app also gave us new ideas and you will find new topics and fantasies, that we were struggling to offer you before.

The proofreading we conduite has moreover been a great occasion to make our truths and dares more comprehensive. We wrote them, so that all genders and all sexual preferences are taken into account. For now, the app is still only for heterosexual couples, but Antoine and Romuald, our all-star CEOs and developers, are working on making the app fully comprehensive. The version that will allow everyone to play is coming soon, don’t worry!

Please, let us know what you think of this new version 🙂

We hope you like the dares we rewrote and that you’ll find the new ones exciting. You can contact us for all remarks and comments. And, if you have ideas we can add to the ones we will soon offer to homosexual couples, please, feel free to send them! 😘