Privacy Policy

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The confidentiality of your data and respect for your privacy matters very much to us. At Chouic, we make it a point of honor to ask you only for the information that allows us to operate our apps: nothing more, nothing less.

In this privacy policy, we explain what kind of data we collect, how and, above all, why we use this data.

The information we collect and how we use it


We would like to remind you again that we will only ask you for information that is essential for operating the app. By using our mobile apps, you are granting us the right to access and use this data.

Information that you provide to us for all of our apps (Couples Game and Truth or Dare):


Automatically collected data

When our apps are being used, we automatically collect information about your phone and app usage (language, country, model, operating system and events in the app). This information is completely anonymous and it does not identify you in any way. This information just allows us to get to know our users’ profiles better and for example, to identify problems that can occur on certain devices or in certain languages. We also track the amount of time you have spent playing the game and the number of dares played, which allows us to improve our service and to know what you like most about our app, so we can always offer you the best service possible.

Optional information for support and promotional purposes

  • IDFA number (iOS) or Advertising ID (Android): This anonymous number allows us to associate an advertisement (for example on Facebook) with an installation, thus allowing us to improve our advertisements. You can deactivate this tracking at any time via your phone’s privacy settings.
  • Your email address: You may be asked to provide your email address when you contact us via customer support or during a satisfaction survey. This makes it easier for us to contact you directly and to better help you solve any problems. It also allows us to send you unlocking codes in order to let you access specific content in the app.

Optional information necessary for the operation of personalized dares (Couples Game and Truth or Dare)

  • Your public Facebook profile: You give us access to your Facebook profile of your own free will if, and only if, you create personalized dares. This authorization is completely optional and it just allows you to save your dares and to synchronize them on several devices. This connection allows us to identify a specific user, but we do not collect any data about you, such as your age, gender or occupation. We only collect your email address which will then become your username and will never be used to send you emails.

Do we share your information?


The answer is simple and it can be summed up in one word: No.

We do not share your data, other than in the ways stated in this privacy policy. However, we are not responsible for any “data analytics” which may be used by Facebook. You can learn more about this at the following link:

Changes to this privacy policy


This privacy policy is subject to change, if necessary. By accepting this privacy policy, you are also implicitly accepting any future changes. Please be aware that we will always remain committed to collecting and using only the data that is essential to the operation of our apps.

How to contact us


You can contact us via Messenger at: