You were a lot to ask for a new update of the couple game app and here it is!

Before you dive into the reading of this update details, if you don’t have the app on your phone you can download it on the App Store or the Google Play Store :

Download Couple Game on the app store
Download the couple app on Google Play Store

So, what’s new in the app?

The app is lighter, your evenings are lit up!

Thanks to our developers, the app is now lighter than ever! With this changes, no needs to worry about your phone storage, the app weight almost nothing.

The app is getting faster and faster

Besides the app weight decreased, we have also have improved the app speed. From now, you will be able to launch the app quickly and don’t waste any time to have a hot evening 😉

New dares to extend your pleasure

You begin to know us, a new update always means new dares! Once again, we added new dares to the game so you can spend a spicy time!

A big surprise is coming up!

As you might have understood, this update is an “usual” update which is there to improve your experience with the couple game app. But we are currently working on the next update which will include some important new features in the game. We’ve been listening to you in the past months and some of you will be pleased with the new features! But there is also some features which will be a big surprise, so stay tuned!

If you want to spend a great moment with friends, don’t hesitate to download our truth or dare app.