This article is for those of you who have downloaded Couple Game for iOS and Android and who are still hesitating before buying all the levels. You might be wondering how qualitative the dares are. First, let us share a very simple fact to reassure you: if the content you have to pay for wasn’t high-quality, the rating on the Play Store and App Store wouldn’t be as good as it is.

Still hesitating? We are happy to inform you that we create and write ourselves all the dares and questions. Who’s “we”? It’s a team of 6 young French, who have been working on developing party games for the past 3 years. If you want to know more about us, you can visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Equipe des créateurs de Jeu Couple : Chouic

Still not convinced? Ok, let’s give you some examples of the dares you will have, once you have purchased the levels in our Couple Game app.

(For the purpose of this article, the players will be named Tim and the Jeane)

The Hot mode

Playing the Hot version of Truth or Dare for couple looks like this:

Jeane, lick Tim’s chest from the stomach up to the neck.


Ok… Well, you can do it with a touch of sensuality 😉 The aim of this Hot mode is to make you experience the best possible foreplay. Here is some proof, with more examples of what you will find in the pack:

Tim, sit behind Jeane and kiss her on the neck while pressing her breast with your palms.

The Truth part looks more like this:
Tim, have you ever gotten a hard-on at an awkward time (at the office, in class, at the doctor’s office, etc.)?
Jeane, which sexual position do you hate the most?

As you can see, the hot truth questions are rather funny, while allowing you to learn more about your s/o. Couple Game will ask the questions you never dared ask yourself, or those you didn’t even think about.

The Hard mode

Let’s play couple Truth or Dare, the hard way!

Tim, slowly penetrate Jeane saying: I love to penetrate you”.
Jeane, blindfold Tim. Push him on the bed and suck his penis with passion.

This doesn’t really look like soft foreplay anymore, does it? Please, don’t miss when you push him on the bed. Not only might he get hurt, but this might kill your spirits.

A man with strings attached (in both meanings)

Here are some of the truth questions you can have in the hard level:
Tim, have you ever thought about something else to avoid climaxing too quickly?
Jeane, do you like your hair being pulled while having sex?

And just like in the Hot mode, you learn even more about your partner. And this is a part of the game!

The Extreme mode

Watch out!

Tim, ejaculate on Jeane’s face.

Told you! 😄

Tim and Jeane, randomly pick a porn movie and perform exactly the same actions.

Never watched porn together? Well, if neither of your dared suggest it, thanks to Couple Game, now you did 😊

And, last but not least, here are somme of the extreme truths:
Tim, what was your favorite sexual position with your ex?
Jeane, do you like being grabbed by the neck while making love intensely?

Now, you know how it works: humour and some intel on what your partner might want the next time you get nasty.

We hope these examples convinced you the levels in Couple game are worth buying. Please, let us know if you dislike some of the content or if you would like to add some new things. We want the best for our users, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have fun with Couple Game!