Looking for a romantic idea to kill the routine in your couple? The best way to do so is to have fun. Laughing is important, and even more important with your loved one.

We found one for you, a couple game that is easy to set up, doesn’t cost anything, and can be used whenever you want, for as long as you want! Sounds great? Get it now!

Basically, it’s a truth or dare game, designed for couples. It has different levels, so you can spice things up while playing, when you both feel like it’s time to get naked under the sheets!

You will be surprised by the originality of the dares. The questions are also very well written: it makes you learn about your partner, even though you thought you knew him/her very well after all these years spent together.

Since it’s a game, there is a little excitation building up, and you both can go further than you usually do, because it’s the game that is making you do it, you have an untold excuse to do so.

Still not sure about this couple game? Download it and read a few questions before showing it to your partner. Remember, it’s free!






Want more ideas of couples games? Let us know in the comments!