We just updated our mobile app! Our couple game now lets gay and lesbian couples play truth or dare.

You might think it is as simple as adding the option to the home page as you can see on the screen capture, but it is more involved than that!

A screenshot of the couple game app

For us, it’s important that gay and lesbian couples be able to play our truth or dare game. On the technical side, we had to redesign the way we organize our dares so the game only displays dares that match the preferences defined by the players in the app.

That means we had to update our entire list of dares for couples. We spent several weeks reviewing them to select and adapt the dares. Some of our existing dares could also work for same-sex couples by just rewording them slightly. Then we had to factor in the cost of translating into the 11 languages in which we offer our couple game, sometimes just to change one word in the dare.

All of that took some time, but we are proud of the result!
For now, a gay couple playing our truth or dare game will not have quite as many dares as a straight couple because we prefer to add new ones gradually, with each update, to ensure the quality of the dares
If you have suggestions for truths or dares that you would like to see in the game, please submit them here via Messenger.

As we adapt our dares, we are also taking into account the comments you have sent us using the button that lets users flag a dare. Because we have so many users, we took advantage of this update to make the process easier. Your feedback matters to us and, although there are lots of comments, we carefully read them all. Your impressions make it possible to improve the experience of thousands of users!

In the new update of this couple game you can report and fav a truth or dare !

If you are a gay or lesbian couple and you come across a dare that you do not think is appropriate, please use this app feature to let us know.

We will be in touch soon with the next update! (Spoiler: It should appeal to everyone who likes to create their own dares 😊)

Please remember to rate our app 5 stars in the app store. It really helps us alot!

You can download our couple game app, now gay/lesbian friendly with the links below :

Download Couple Game on the app store
Download the couple app on Google Play Store

Have fun!