Playing sex games in bed can be very intimidating. But it shouldn’t be like that, because it’s probably the best way to discover your partner and spend a very good time! Here is a selection of 4 amazing ideas  you can do with your partner. Are you ready to spend the best night of your life?

#1 Start easy with a 5-Minute Sex Game

Touching each other, ok that’s easy. But did you really try to touch each other? Ok, let’s try this:

  • Sit in front of each other.
  • You both stay naked, but you can’t touch each other private parts.
  • During 5 minutes, you have to keep watching each other in the eyes.
  • During these 5 minutes, caress each other. You are not allowed to remove your hand from your partner’s body.

Have fun!

#2 Try a mobile Sex Game

It’s not one idea, but more than 1000 propositions of sex games ideas for your couple.

How does it work?

It’s based on a truth or dare sex game. You spin the wheel and one of you will be randomly picked. Now, you decide to choose between a truth and a dare. It’s sometimes not easier to select truth, because you are going to share some fantasies that you never imagined you’d confess. It’s a great way to learn more about your partner! With the dares, you are going to try new things.

To start easy, there are 4 levels : “Soft”, “Hot”, “Hard” and “Extreme”.  The game is free to download and the Soft level, which is free of charge, contains more than one hundred free dares. You are going to have a lot of fun!

Download the game now for free:

#3 Quick and Easy way : Play Dirty Dice Game

You don’t have so much time, but you really want to try something unexpected? Let’s try dirty dices!

How does it works? There is one dice for a body part, and a second one for an action. You can get a lot of surprising combination!

Some examples

    • Lick -> Neck
    • Kiss -> Butt
    • Massage -> Chest

#4 Take some photos

Taking some erotic photos could be very exciting! Would you choose with, or without underwear?

Don’t hesitate to play with lights to create something nice.

examples truth or dare for couple blindfold

#5 Do this in public

Not easy, but very intense, this is probably not for everyone! Doing some nasty stuff in public could put you in a very uncomfortable situation.